Weston School was founded in 2016 to create another option for parents to consider educating their children in a way that would nurture pupil empowerment, curiosity, and independence, bringing the Montessori Method of education to the community.

 The school opened her gates to the children for summer lessons on August 15th 2016 and on Saturday 27th August the school officially had an opening ceremony to get to know the parents, staff and all that the school stands for. And on September 19th 2016 we – “Weston Montessori Nursery and Primary School” commenced the 2016/17 academic school year. Till date, the school has stayed true to its founders’ mission and vision.

Weston school strives to offer a pure form of Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational philosophies and methods to our pupils. The Montessori approach nurtures the whole child and by doing so helps to create a centered being with confidence and compassion for the world around her.

Weston prioritizes creating a favorable environment that will encourage the flowering of a child’s natural gifts by removing all obstacles. This environment is the foundation for all future education.