2018 Independence party

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This year's independence celebration at Weston School was quite interesting, exciting and eventful.
These were some of the things the children had to say:

''The Nigeria we live in is not the Nigeria of our dream. The political, health, educational and other sectors are not structured the way they shoul be.-''Things has fallen apart''-says Chimamanda Pius Obi

''i dream of a time when children and other Nigerians will have access to qualitative education my heart is grieved whenever I remember that millions of children don't go to school''-says Moyinoluwa Olusanya.

''Martin Luther King Junior dreamt of a time in America when the whites and blacks will have all things in common. His dream has come true. I am concerned that most families cannot provide basic needs for their children. I dream of a better Nigeria where children's need are met''-Florence Ola Iweila.

''I dream of a time when Nigerians would say goodbye to power outage and there will 24 hours power supply''-James Ekpedeme(Jnr).

Hector Pepple Melvin had this to say,'' I dream of a period in this nation when people will have access to the best healthcare services, no more fake drugs, no more high medical bills or travelling abroad to receive good healthcare services''.

''I dream of a political period void of selfish,currupt and vissionless leaders. A nation men and women in power are determined to serve the citizens selflessly''-Omasirichukwu Alimole.

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